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Fashion Club shares tips on how to dress for a job interview.

Job-Ready Dress

Tips on How To Dress For a Job Interview

From Entry Level to Executive Positions

First impressions are vitally important when it comes to meeting potential employers. That's why you must pay special attention to what you wear on a job interview. Looking professional is quite easy, actually. The simpler the look, the more classic. Check out the few key pieces we've identified and see how they're styled for entry level, mid-management, corporate management, and creative management positions.


Job-Ready Dress

Men's Blazer
Dressing for an interview is unlike dressing for any other situation. It's important to keep in mind that it's about dressing appropriately, regardless of personal style. For men, watches are fine to wear, but any other jewelry is better left at home.

Entry Level
The standard entry level look for guys is pants, a dress shirt, and a blazer. The outfit should be well-coordinated, but it's not necessary to wear a matching suit. A belt and a good pair of shoes in black, brown, or grey are recommended.

To take this entry level look up a notch, try wearing a neutral sweater or cardigan under the blazer. It adds polish and just the right amount of panache. The blazer should match the pants. A tie also works well for a mid-level management interview.

  • Shirt: Banana Republic
  • Pants: Something Better Change
  • Sweater and Blazer: Zara
  • Shoes: State Street

At a corporate interview, a matching suit is essential. Keep it classic in dark navy or black. A simple white dress shirt and tie are always safe. You can go with a colored shirt, as long as it's not too bright. Make sure to wear a good pair of dark dress shoes, as well.

When interviewing for a creative management position, a tie is recommended, but a suit is not necessary. A dark blazer can be styled with light-colored pants and brown shoes, for example.

Also, a pullover V-neck sweater in a non-neutral color can express creativity.

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Model: Michael D.


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