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Say What? Fashion Quotes

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Fashion Quotes

Find out what Lady Gaga, Coco Chanel, and Vivienne Westwood have to say about style and the world of fashion!

"The goal I seek is to have people refine their style through my clothing without having them become victims of fashion.”
Giorgio Armani

“While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence — which, I believe, does make the woman."
Mary Kay Ash

“About half my designs are controlled fantasy, 15 percent are total madness, and the rest are bread-and-butter designs.”
Manolo Blahnik

“When in doubt, wear red.”
Bill Blass

“The dress is a vase which the body follows. My clothes are like modules in which bodies move.”
Pierre Cardin

“Fashion anticipates, and elegance is a state of mind ... a mirror of the time in which we live, a translation of the future, and should never be static.”
Oleg Cassini

“Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions.”
Coco Chanel

“I don't do fashion, I am fashion.”
Coco Chanel

“I like fashion to go down to the street, but I can't accept that it should originate there.”
Coco Chanel

“Elegance is a discipline of life.”
Oscar de la Renta

“If you dream and you believe, you can do it.”
P. Diddy

“The tones of gray, pale turquoise and pink will prevail.”
Christian Dior

When his wife asked him to change clothes to meet the German Ambassador: “If they want to see me, here I am. If they want to see my clothes, open my closet and show them my suits.”
Albert Einstein

“They think him the best dressed man, whose dress is so fit for his use that you cannot notice or remember to describe it.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

“People always ask me how I start a collection, and I tell them that I just look around. What am I tired of? What am I in the mood for? Real fashion change comes from real changes in real life. Everything else is just decoration.”
Tom Ford


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