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Layering It Up WIth Fall's Fabulous Knitwear.
Knit Boots. Tights. Cabled Cardi. Thigh High Socks.

Fall Fashion: Layers

Knitwear is the latest fashion trend.

This fall, it’s all about layers and knitwear! From cardis and pullovers to knit booties and over-the-knee socks, you’ll have fun creating the perfect fashion recipe to get the look of the moment. Stylist Zoe Joeright put all the amazing outfits together on our recent FC shoot and gives us the low-down on layering. “It’s really the trend this season. High designers all the way to retail stores are layering it up.”

Check out how Zoe styled the red wool coat. Over a grey sweater, it looks casual yet chic and the navy knit tights make it super feminine. The belt on the trench is a great way to slim any bulk caused by the sweater.

“Mixing textures is ideal.” She combined thick knits with faux fur, wool, and silks. A long cabled cardi with a full mini-skirt is a definite must, especially with a cute faux fur-trimmed jacket. Another thing you’re going to be seeing a lot of is shorts in the winter months. A great way to offset the exposure is by doubling up on warmth on top, like our faux fur vest over a long sleeved green sweater.

“Keeping warm this season is not only important but stylish too. Thigh high socks are this season’s ultimate layering piece.” They were on the runways of both Prada and Dior—paired with shorts, skirts and dresses. Plus, they can bring a dressy outfit down a notch to make it work for a casual event. Another thing to keep in mind is their versatility—they can be worn with any height boot. Bonus!

For aspirational layered looks, view the Rag & Bone fall collection. You’ll love the scarves under vests, cropped sweaters layered over collared button-ups, shirt dresses peeking out from under sweater dresses, and shorts over sweater tights!

It’s fun to incorporate some of the season’s best trends into your overall look, but it’s even more fun to wear things that are totally “you.” So, if you’re not feeling a certain trend, skip it and move on. Feeling good about how you look is more important. “Confidence is true style,” says Zoe.

If you’re crazy about style trends, a career in fashion could be in your future. Find out more information on the Fashion Design Program at FIDM.

Fashion Club Model Junie P. is wearing:

Coat: Tulle
Sweater: Stella & Jamie
Skirt: Eco Skin
Pattern tights: Stylist’s own
Shoes: Seychelles
Earrings and ring: Juicy Couture

Fashion Club Model Kaylie W. is wearing:

Long sleeve tee: Rubbish
Cuffed shorts: Tulle
Vintage scarf/belt: Stylist’s own
Vest: Stella & Jamie
Hoop earrings: Juicy Couture
Bracelet: Hollywood Intuition
Knit booties: Gypsyz

Merchandise Marketing Major Catherine S. is wearing:

Fur collar coat: Tulle
Sweater: Tulle
Skirt: Sylist’s own
Knee high socks: Target
Plaid rainboots: AMI Clubwear
Oversized stud earrings and ring: Stylist’s own

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