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Fashion Club VIP Seating at DEBUT Outdoor Screening

Join us in person or virtually!

Draping for Creativity Workshop

Learn how to drape fabric in this virtual workshop.

Technical Industry Draping Workshop

Learn applied draping techniques in this virtual workshop.

Introduction to Pattern Drafting Workshop

Learn step-by-step how to create a basic block pattern.

Start A Club At Your College or HS

Take the first step to start your official FIDM Fashion Club.

FIDM Resources

Use FIDM Resources for your Fashion Club meetings.

Welcome to Fashion Club

We're a fashion program for high schools and colleges, sponsored by FIDM, the West Coast's premier design and creative business college strategically located in California's fashion and entertainment centers.

We help students interested in pursuing careers in these creative industries to launch Fashion Clubs at their high schools and colleges. Club Presidents lead hands-on activities at their meetings, organize events, and host fundraisers.

Many clubs organize and produce fashion shows at school, gaining valuable fashion leadership experience. Fashion Club members qualify for exclusive scholarships to attend FIDM, plus they receive access to special events.