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A Big Rush

Let’s talk goal-setting with FIDM Fashion Club President Estrella Suarez.

Club Rush is nothing new at high school campuses—it’s a great way for students to learn about all the fun extracurriculars. Taft Charter High School’s FIDM Fashion Club in Woodland Hills, CA, experienced a rush at Rush recently, signing up twenty-five new members right on the spot! We recently caught up with the club president Estrella Suarez, who shared a bit about her club and some of the goals they’ve set.

How did you get the Fashion Club started on your campus? My teacher, Ms. Eileen Capinha-Viadero, is a graduate of FIDM and she asked me if I wanted to restart our club. Of course, I said yes! In past years, I was secretary and vice president.

What are some projects your club’s been working on? My club has mostly focused on illustration design projects. Every week we have a new theme. This semester, however, we want to focus on more hands-on things, and maybe even produce a fashion show.

What are some goals you’ve set for your club? We want to get the word out there, to let other students know about us. In addition to a fashion show, we’d like to set up a fashion exhibition at our school. We’d also like to take a fashion-focused field trip.

What advice would you give students who wish to start a club on their campus? Stay consistent, stay organized, and plan ahead.

Anything else you’d like to share? My board members and I agree that our obsession is fashion. Anything to do with it! Actually, all our board members are going to pursue fashion-related majors in college.

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