Advisor Info

Students often ask their favorite teacher to be the advisor.

What does a Club Advisor do?
The FIDM Fashion Club Advisor helps the President run the club. It is the responsibility of the President to find a Club Advisor to commit to the role.

Who can be an official FIDM Fashion Club Advisor?
The Club Advisor may be one of your school’s instructors, librarians, coaches, or counselors.

How often does a Club Advisor need to be involved with the Fashion Club?
FIDM Fashion Club Advisors can get as involved as they would like in the club, but the minimal requirement for Club Advisors is to chaperone the meetings. Some Club Advisors plan field trips, invite guest speakers, and help organize fundraisers so clubs can attend the annual FIDM DEBUT Runway Show in Los Angeles.

Visit the FIDM Educators page for classroom resources and special grant opportunities. You can also request a college representative from FIDM to visit your school to give a free presentation on everything from “Designing Inside the Box: Exploring the Innovative Field of Visual Communications” to “The Art of Fashion Illustration” and “Economics of the Apparel Industry.”

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