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Amy La Promotes Her Club With Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Each cabinet member designed a shirt and the club voted for the winner.

Rosemead High School FC President Amy La wanted to promote her club on campus, so she organized a tie-dye t-shirt activity. She plans to attend FIDM to study marketing!

How did you get involved in Fashion Club? I have always been interested in working in the business side of fashion. I like to plan and make videos about clothing. Most of the clubs at my school are academic based and about helping the community, but I wanted to start an art/fashion club and gain leadership skills!

How do you structure your meetings? I have Fashion Club meetings and also cabinet meetings twice a month. I try to plan events two months in advance in order to allow plenty of time to prepare. My goal each month is to have an event and a game for our members to enjoy. I alternate between events and games so it doesn’t get repetitive. We have events like mug decorating, guest speakers, tie-dye t-shirts, and more.

Tell us about your tie-dye t-shirt project: We wanted a club shirt to advertise our Fashion Club on campus, so each cabinet member designed a shirt. We had a poll and the tie-dye t-shirt won. We bought dye and white shirts for our members to dye their own shirts. Then, using the FIDM grant, we bought transfer paper and ironed on the logo.

rosemead high school tie dye

Where did you get the inspiration? Pinterest, YouTube, blogs—I get most of my ideas from social media.

What are some lessons you’ve learned through FC? I have learned that being a president is hard work and that I always have to plan one month ahead, in order to be organized. I have learned how to speak in public more comfortably and have confidence when I’m speaking to the Fashion Club members.

Would you recommend this activity to other clubs? Yes, it is an easy and fun activity that anyone can do.

What activities do you have coming up? The school year is coming to an end, so I was planning to have a banquet.

Do you have plans to attend FIDM? Yes, I do have plans to attend to FIDM. I want to be a marketing major and advertise for stores and clothing.

Follow Rosemead High School FIDM Fashion Club on Instagram @fidmfashionclub.rhs, and check out their site and YouTube channel.

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