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Catching Up With Former FC Pres Tori Luckey

She’s now a FIDM Fashion Design student.

fidm student tori luckey

Hailing from Queen Creek, Arizona, where she attended American Leadership Academy and EVIT, to learn about fashion design, Tori Luckey first heard about Fashion Club as a high school sophomore. “I was interested in being president,” she says, “and when I moved schools, I found out ALA didn’t have a Fashion Club. It was the perfect opportunity to start my own!” We chatted with Tori to learn more about her path to FIDM:

What did you like best about being a FIDM Fashion Club President? I enjoyed the collaboration the most. It was always fun coming up with ideas and new meeting activities as a group! We also became really close and hung out a lot outside of school.

How do you think FIDM Fashion Club prepared you for becoming a student at FIDM? It prepared me for when it comes to communication and involvement. I’m still a part of the Fashion Club group and am now a FIDM Social Ambassador!

Do you have a favorite Fashion Club memory? My favorite Fashion Club memory was when we put on our very first show. There were a lot of things we noticed at the end could’ve been fixed, but we were all so proud of the work we’d put out and created!

How did you know that you wanted to come to FIDM? As a freshman, I knew I loved fashion design. With research and the help of Project Runway, I discovered FIDM and fell in love.

What’s your favorite thing about being a FIDM student so far? The best part about being at FIDM is being put into classes geared towards your career right away. I’ve really fallen in love with my sewing class, not only because I love to sew, but because my teacher is so funny, relatable, and works in the industry. Also, my classmates are amazing and we all get along so well.

What’s your advice for other high school students thinking about starting a FIDM Fashion Club? Make sure you get as involved as possible! Meet everyone you can, talk to people, and enjoy your time at FIDM! FIDM is here to help you, so definitely take advantage.

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