Design with a Potato Stamp

Make your own textile with a homemade potato stamp!

Potato Stamp Textile Print

Are you interested in sustainable design? Try making a potato stamp! These quick and easy stamps are the perfect way for you to express your passion for fashion and design in an earth-friendly way.

You’ll need: 
Potato (any variety)
Cutting tool
Cookie cutter (optional)
Fabric or acrylic paint
Fabric or paper

Preparing your stamp:
Slice the potato in half and dry with a napkin. On the cut face of the potato, draw a shape with a pencil and use your cutting tool to trace along the line ¼ inch deep. You can also use a cookie cutter to make your shape by pressing it into the cut face of the potato ¼ inch. For both methods, remove the outer excess potato with your cutting tool, leaving the shape intact. Your shape should be raised ¼ inch from the base of the cut potato.

Potato stamp diy cut out designs

Painting with your stamp:
Once  your stamp is cut out, evenly apply your paint onto the surface of your shape using a paintbrush. Press the stamp firmly down on your fabric or paper. Reapply paint and continue this same process to create your textile pattern. Let dry and paint any additional details onto your shape by hand. Make sure the stamp is dry before use.

potato stamp diy print designs

Interested in color and design in textile prints? Take a look at FIDM’s Textile Design program.

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