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Diligence, Dedication, and DEBUT

Former FIDM Fashion Club President selected for DEBUT 2023!

Keep an eye on FIDM Student Jacob Hernandez⁠—he’s going places! This former FIDM Fashion Club President is currently a second year Fashion Design Student at FIDM and has been selected as one of the designers for the DEBUT 2023 Runway Show.

A Los Angeles native, Jacob spent a great deal of time in Downtown L.A. as a child. His father, the creator of his own clothing line, had a warehouse in the neighborhood and Jacob would work there each summer. In fact, it was their proximity to the FIDM campus that led Jacob to choose FIDM with his father’s blessing.

Jacob attended Palisades Charter High School and served as the FIDM Fashion Club President. It was Jacob’s determination and dedication that actually kept the club going. “My sewing teacher told me that we wouldn’t be able to have it because we didn’t have enough interest. I took around a sign-up sheet and got people to commit to it, so we were able to have it reinstated.” He fondly recalls he and other club members teaching younger students to sew, as well as club-sponsored clothing swaps.

We asked Jacob about the line he’s working on for DEBUT 2023. His color palette includes red, chrome, and black, and we can expect to see leather, gaberdine, and nylon fabric as well.  We’ll also see structure and 3D elements. “My collection is dedicated to my Jewish faith, so I will reference it throughout,” he says.

His FIDM Instructors have been incredibly helpful during the process, and his courses up to this point have proven invaluable, particularly in the areas of pattern-making, marketing, and in building his portfolio.

What advice does Jacob offer to anyone considering studying Fashion Design at FIDM? “I’d encourage students to have at least one year of sewing experience because everyone’s first year of sewing is always the hardest and when you attend FIDM you will feel at ease. Also become  familiar with sewing and pattern-making terms, and try to understand pattern-making and the construction of garments beforehand. Often when I’m pattern-making, instead of looking in a book I will look at my garments to use the carefully thought out measurements and the pattern a manufacturer has used.” He goes on to stress the importance of staying creative and inspired. “Just going to FIDM can’t be your whole life. Make sure to have outside hobbies and interests and try to involve them in your designs. For example, I am really fascinated by the structure and style lines of sports cars and architecture; often they influence my design language. I would really encourage future fashion design students to take their outside interest that has nothing to do with fashion and draw inspiration. Also think about how you are going to stand out from others who are trying to achieve the same goal.” 

We look forward to Jacob’s collection at DEBUT 2023, and predict great success for him in the future.

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