FIDM Fashion Club FAQs

We have answers to all of your questions.

Does it cost anything to start a club?

Our program is completely FREE. You do not have to pay to start a club and we will never collect dues from you. In fact, we offer a $400 grant to all new official FIDM Fashion Clubs.

Who can start an official FIDM Fashion Club at their school?
Any currently enrolled high school student freshman to senior —  or college student from undergraduate and graduate programs are eligible for consideration to start an official FIDM Fashion Club at their high school or college.

Do you allow Co-Presidents?
Yes, we do allow clubs to have one President and one Co-President. Please be sure to include the information about each on the application form.

Which schools qualify to start an official FIDM Fashion Club?
FIDM Fashion Clubs can be started at any high school or college located anywhere around the world. Permission from the school must be obtained before starting any kind of club on school property. If you are home-schooled, you are still able to start a club in an established organization such as a community center, after school program, church, etc.

When can I start?
You can submit your completed FIDM Fashion Club application to FIDM for consideration at any time during the year. If you are a high school senior starting a club, your application must be completed by January 31st in order to be eligible for the Presidential Scholarship. Once received, a representative from FIDM Fashion Club will contact you.

Do I have to wait until the application process is complete to start having meetings?
As long as you have permission from your school, you can start having meetings before the application process is complete.

Can someone from FIDM visit my club?
Absolutely. FIDM Representatives visit clubs all over the world, either virtually or in person. Go to to schedule a FIDM Representative to visit your club. You can also schedule a free presentation on subjects including fashion, art, business, and more.

What if there is already a Fashion Club, FCCLA, or FHA club at my school?
If you already have a Fashion Club, you can easily convert it to an official FIDM Fashion Club by completing the usual application process. An existing FCCLA or FHA Club can become an official FIDM Fashion Club while still maintaining FCCLA/FHA bylaws. The goal of the FIDM Fashion Club program is to provide expert guidance for, and to create a community among high school and college students—built on sharing, learning, exploring, and showcasing students’ talents within the design and creative business disciplines. Our program is a complement to the FCCLA/FHA program content. Please check with your school administration and/or your school’s current FCCLA/FHA Club Advisor when applying for official FIDM Fashion Club status.

Can I earn a scholarship for starting an official FIDM Fashion Club?
Yes, Presidents and Co-Presidents are eligible to receive the $10,000 Presidential Scholarship to attend FIDM. Learn more about the Presidential Scholarship for High School Students or the Presidential Scholarship for College Students.

If two students are interested in being president and both are interested in attending FIDM after they graduate, are they both eligible for the FIDM Fashion Club Presidential Scholarship?
Yes, they are both eligible for the FIDM Fashion Club Presidential Scholarship, as long as they meet all scholarship requirements. Please remember, each high school is only allowed to start or renew one official FIDM Fashion Club at their school.

How do I get information about transferring to FIDM from my college?
We welcome transfer students with a wide range of credits and college experiences for our undergraduate and graduate degree programs. To learn more or to contact an Admissions Advisor, visit the Transfer Student section of

Are there any other scholarships for Fashion Club members?
Yes, Active Members of an official FIDM Fashion Club are eligible to receive the $5,000 Active Member Scholarship to attend FIDM. Learn more about Active Member Scholarship for High School Students or Active Member Scholarship for College Students.

Can I start a club if I am homeschooled?
Yes. You may start a club if you are homeschooled. You can host meetings in a non-profit organization, after school program, YMCA, or your local library.

Can my FIDM Fashion Club meet virtually?
Yes, as long as your FIDM Fashion Club Advisor is present, you can meet virtually on the platform of your choice and still receive meeting credit. Presidents must fill out Meeting & Activity Report form and members must fill out an Attendance Record on under the Run Your Club section, for both virtual and in-person meetings.

Do you have a question that wasn’t listed here? Send us an email to and we’d be more than happy to answer any question you have.

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