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Fashion Club Virtual Meetup

Meet FIDM Grad Sean Kam, the owner of an eco-friendly custom seamster business, and share your Fashion Club ideas in our fun webinar on February 20th!

This event has ended. Thanks to everyone who attended! Watch the video from the Fashion Club Virtual Meetup.

Find out what goes on at an Official FIDM Fashion Club meeting in this fun and info-packed webinar!

You’ll spend time with FIDM as well as Fashion Club members from around the world as you see creative projects and share your Fashion Club ideas.

We’ll speak with FIDM Grad Sean Kam who will share his industry story as the Founder and Owner of The Dressmaker LLC, an eco-friendly custom seamster business centered around creating vintage-inspired garments crafted from fabric remnants, scraps, and end-of-bolt pieces.

Prospective Fashion Club members will learn how to start a club!

*FIDM Fashion Club presidents and members who register and attend can count the Fashion Club Virtual Meetup as one meeting credit.