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FIDM Fashion Club Sustainable Design Challenge

Win a cash prize for your upcycled design!

Fashion Club Sustainable Design Challenge

Do you and your club dream of becoming trendsetters in sustainable design? Do you love upcycling? What about repurposing materials? Let Fashion Club jumpstart your dreams of becoming a sustainable designer at FIDM’s 3 Days of Fashion!

In our new contest, you can win up to $250 for you and your official FIDM Fashion Club! All finalists will also receive a free FIDM Fashion Club swag bag, one per club.

Create an upcycled fashion design inspired by items in your household and wardrobe. Examples include: 

  • Tissue paper 
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Garbage/grocery bags
  • Paper towels/toilet paper 
  • Duct tape

Additional tools to complete your project might include: 

  • Masking tape
  • Stapler
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sewing kit
  • Scissors
  • Seam adhesive

Get inspired by these upcycled designs by students from our 2019 Fashion Club Day at FIDM!

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To enter, submit your video as a link or an attachment in an email to Your video can be posted to TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or shared on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Your video should be approximately one-minute long, and include all entries of participating club members, one video per club. Include in your email submission the contact information (name, school, email, address, phone number) of your official FIDM Fashion Club Advisor, Club President, and/or Co-President (if applicable). Entries will be considered incomplete if your video is not included. 

Deadline: All entries must be received on or before June 10th, 2021

Prize: A list of up to 12 club Finalists will be selected on or around June 14, 2021, to participate live at 3 Days of Fashion on June 24, 2021. An official FIDM Fashion Club representative must be present at the online event in order to win. Three winning clubs will be chosen live during the event and receive the Grand Prize, Second Prize, and Third Prize. Voting will be completed through live polling, by 3 Days of Fashion workshop attendees.

List of Challenge prizes:
$250 –  Grand Prize 
$150 – Second Prize 
$50 – Third Prize

All Finalists, including the three (3) Prize Winners, will receive a free FIDM Fashion Club Swag Bag, one per club. The funds from the Prize must be used to benefit only the Winner’s official FIDM Fashion Club. Winners will be interviewed by FIDM Fashion Club on how the funds from the Prize benefitted their club.  

Eligibility: You must be a current President or Active Member in an official FIDM Fashion Club in the United States to enter the FIDM Fashion Club Sustainable Design Challenge. 

Current FIDM students are not eligible. If you are a current President or Active Member of an official FIDM Fashion Club outside the United States, you may attend and participate in FIDM’s 3 Days of Fashion – FIDM Fashion Club Sustainable Design Workshop, but not enter the FIDM Fashion Club’s Sustainable Design Challenge, due to contest prizes being limited to the United States.

Read the Official Contest Rules before you enter. Good luck!

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