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FIDM Fashion Club Gives Back Contest

Your club could win a sewing machine and more!

As we celebrate a new year and our goals for 2022, it’s also a great time to reflect on how we can give back to our communities and help others.  

Successful businesses know the importance of giving back. Toms Shoes donates ⅓ of their profits to grassroots organizations, Bombas Socks donates socks to homeless shelters, and Warby Parker donates glasses to students in need. All of these companies have a mission statement to communicate their purpose to the world.

How can you make a difference in 2022? We are challenging your Fashion Club to work together to give to your favorite local community organization!

The Challenge:
Part 1:
Write a mission statement for your Fashion Club. Your mission statement should be a brief description (just a few sentences) of your club’s purpose. Be sure to include your philosophy on giving back to your community and how you will carry out your mission. You can look at your favorite companies’ mission statements for inspiration.

Part 2:
Once you have written your mission statement, your club will need to decide what activity you will do to to give back to your community. It could be something your club donates or it could be a volunteer day at a local community organization.

Some ideas for donations:

  • Homemade fleece blankets or scarfs
  • Handmade Cards
  • Sock Drive
  • Children’s Book or Toy Drive
  • Jacket Drive

Take three (3) to five (5) photos of how your Fashion Club gives back to your community.


All entries must be received on or before Friday, March 11, 2022

Janome Sewing Machine + $50 VISA Gift Card + Sewing Swag Bag + Virtual Sewing Workshop

The winning FIDM Fashion Club will be selected on or around March 21, 2022. One (1) Prize Winner will receive one (1) like-new Janome Model #2212 Sewing Machine (gently-used in a classroom at FIDM) with manual, one (1) $50 VISA gift card, one (1) bag with sewing supplies, and one (1) virtual sewing workshop taught by a graduate of FIDM, to benefit the Winner’s official FIDM Fashion Club.  

Eligibility: You must be a current President or Active Member in an official FIDM Fashion Club in the United States to enter the FIDM Fashion Club Gives Back Contest. 

Want to start an official FIDM Fashion Club? Learn more at How to Start a Club!

Read the Official Contest Rules before you enter. 

Questions? Email us at Good luck!