FIDM Fashion Club Graduation Stole

Learn how to make your own graduation stole!

FIDM Fashion Club Grad Stole Tutorial

To celebrate your achievements this year, we have created an exclusive DIY project for you to make an official FIDM Fashion Club graduation stole. This is your chance to show off your creative skills and celebrate with FIDM Fashion Club graduates around the world. 

Select your skill level and preferred fabric from the no sew and sew DIY videos and PDF instructions below, and learn how to make your own graduation stole. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @fidmfashionclub with #fidmfashionclub to show off your finished FIDM Fashion Club graduation stole.

Congratulations, FIDM Fashion Club graduates. You did it!

Graduation Stole DIY Introduction

Graduation Stole Pattern
Note: Please print the pattern page at 100%, for correct dimensions: 6” w x 9 ⅞” h.

Graduation Stole DIY No Sew Version

Graduation Stole No Sew Instructions

Graduation Stole DIY Sew Version

Graduation Stole Sew Instructions

Are you a high school senior or college student graduating this year? If you didn’t receive your FIDM Fashion Club iron-on logo in the mail, request one at

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