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FIDM Visual Communications Student Interning at Fashion Club

Ellexus Glockner is Fashion Club’s Social Media Intern.

FIDM Visual Communications student Ellexus Glockner was raised in Colorado’s Vail Valley before moving to Denver where she attended The Denver Waldorf High School. We caught up with Ellexus to learn more about her FIDM journey, internship, and living in LA. 

Why did you choose to study Visual Communications? I actually applied to FIDM as a high school junior for the Merchandising and Marketing major. I was accepted to both programs and chose Visual Communications because I love how many different career paths I can take with it. I learn styling, set design, window displays, graphic design, and so many other things. It’s a very hands-on, creative major. 

What are your responsibilities as FIDM’s Fashion Club Social Media Intern? I primarily work on social media. I plan out content for Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. I also help with smaller tasks around the office like packaging starter kits. 

What do you enjoy most about living in Los Angeles? I love all the creativity around me. I really enjoy being able to go to museums, going to new areas of LA, and just exploring everything around me. Also, as someone who has never lived near a beach, I really love how close the beaches are. 

What advice would you share for people considering FIDM? Reach out to people involved in FIDM and try to make connections. I made so many connections before I started at FIDM just by following people on Instagram or sending emails. I think that really helps you get a feel for how welcoming the community is. 

Keep up with Ellexus on Instagram @ellexusglockner.

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