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Former FC Pres Faith Giron is Studying at FIDM

The California native is majoring in Visual Communications at her “dream school.”

former fashion club president faith giron

After graduating from Raoul Wallenberg High School in San Francisco, Faith Giron began studying at FIDM in October of 2017. We recently chatted with her to learn about life as a FIDM student!

How did you become a FIDM Fashion Club President? FIDM was my dream school and I knew that since I was 12 years old. I wanted to do everything I could to be on my path to success. FIDM Fashion Club was perfect! I contacted FIDM and kept in contact with the Fashion Club Advisor who helped me tremendously. I was able to become Fashion Club President for my school, which lead to so many opportunities!

What did you like best about being a FIDM Fashion Club President? To me, the best thing about being a FIDM Fashion Club President was the connections and the opportunities that came along with it. I was able to attend FIDM Debut, meet fashion designers, speak on FIDM panels, collaborate with other people and other Fashion Clubs, and even help others who wanted to start a Fashion Club!

How do you think FIDM Fashion Club prepared you for becoming a student at FIDM? FIDM Fashion Club allowed me to network more and get more experience in the industry. I was becoming so close with alumni and faculty at FIDM that by the time I applied, everyone knew who I was! I was able to gain early admissions as a junior in high school as well through all of my hard work as a Fashion Club President.

Do you have a favorite Fashion Club memory? My favorite Fashion Club memory has to be FIDM Debut. I was able to go with my members, and my Fashion Club partner, Jezren, who actually lives in LA. The entire experience was so amazing and unforgettable overall.

How did you know that you wanted to come to FIDM? I knew the school had the resources I needed to succeed in life and do what I love. Whenever I came to the FIDM campus or attended FIDM events, they always made me feel so welcomed and admired for my creativity, and for myself, as an individual. I knew that the school was the right place for me to achieve my dreams.

How did you pick your major? I picked Visual Communications because I felt like I could really explore and challenge my creative skills. I’m a very hands-on, project type of person so this major was perfect for me. It also has so many career choices that you can choose as well! The possibilities are endless with Visual Communications.

What’s your favorite thing about being a FIDM Student so far? My favorite thing about being a FIDM student is doing what I love, and FIDM helps remind me of that as well. I’m never doubted, and I get to fully express myself as a student and as a creative.

Do you have any advice for other high school students thinking about starting a FIDM Fashion Club? Do it! FIDM Fashion Club just opens so many doors for you into the industry. You make connections with unforgettable people. Don’t be afraid to start one! If you’re a creative and if you’re passionate about what you’re doing, others will see it and join too! I have so much experience I’d love to share, and you can always reach out to me on Instagram or Twitter @xfcmg! If you need help starting or need help coming up with ideas, please feel free to reach out to me and I can help with the best that I can.

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