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Former FC President Chazlyn Stunson Named Influencer of the Year by Her Campus

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FIDM Ambassador Chazlyn S

Born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, Chazlyn Stunson moved to Rhode Island as a teen and attended the Jaqueline M Walsh (JMW) School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Pawtucket where she founded her school’s first ever FIDM Fashion Club. She graduated from FIDM with her A.A. in Merchandise Product Development and is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Digital Marketing, set to graduate in the summer of 2023. She is a FIDM Social Ambassador and the Co-Founder and President of FIDM Black Student Union (BSU), and was recently named Influencer of the Year by online magazine Her Campus. We caught up with her to learn more.

How did it feel to be named Influencer of the Year by Her Campus? It was an honor to be awarded influencer of the year for this year’s annual InfluenceHER collective awards. I have been working with Her Campus since the beginning of my journey as a content creator and it felt so full circle to be recognized as a creative in this growing industry. Through social media, I am able to impact a diverse group of people all around the world. My hope is that this award will serve as a positive inspiration to others who aspire to do the same!

How did you become an influencer? I became an influencer over the pandemic! Like most of us in 2020/2021, I was bored and had nothing to do. I started posting on Instagram and dressing up which eventually got the attention of a few brands. Soon after that, I landed my very first paid brand deal with Amazon and have not looked back since! I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that I have received in such a short period of time.

Which high school did you attend? I attended the Jaqueline M Walsh (JMW) school for the performing and visual arts located in Pawtucket Rhode Island. This is a performing arts high school where the students are divided into majors including music, theatre, art, film, and dance. I majored in music and minored in art!

How did you decide on FIDM? I applied to FIDM during my junior year of high school where I also founded and was president of the first-ever FIDM Fashion Club at my school. I was accepted during this same year and always kept FIDM at the top of my college decision list.

Follow Chazlyn Stunson on Instagram @chazlyn.yvonne.

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