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Former FC President is Interning at FIDM

Lexy Silverstein is a Social Media Intern at the college.

FIDM Student Lexy Silverstein

FIDM Merchandising & Marketing student Lexy Silverstein was the FIDM Fashion Club President at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, Maryland prior to moving to Los Angeles to study Merchandising & Marketing at FIDM. We caught up with Lexy to learn more about her FIDM journey, current internship, and life in LA. 

How did you first hear about FIDM? I heard about FIDM through my college counselor. I graduated high school early, and because of that, my college application and decision process was more rushed than I had originally planned for. I always knew I wanted to pursue fashion, but I wasn’t sure where. When my counselor introduced me to FIDM, I immediately knew I wanted to go there! 

What are you currently working on in the Merchandising & Marketing program: I’m currently in some entrepreneurship classes as well as some sustainability classes. I truly appreciate how the classes at FIDM are geared specifically towards your major and what you want to do in the future. It makes what you’re learning that much more valuable. 

Tell us about your FIDM internship: I am the Social Media Intern here at FIDM. Essentially, my role is to help create, plan, and post some of the content on FIDM’s different social media applications alongside my amazing boss, Fanny. I also monitor FIDM’s online presence and help build community. As well, I’ve had the opportunity to plan photo shoots and help with events. 

What are your career goals and how is FIDM helping you get there? I could see myself being a buyer and would love to continue content creating and become a voice for sustainable fashion in the influencer and fashion community. My experience as an intern has really helped me learn more about marketing and even helped me decide to go into the Digital Marketing B.A. program next year. No matter what job I end up doing, sustainability advocacy will be involved in it.  

You were a FIDM Fashion Club President. What are your favorite memories of that time? We were all interested in learning about fashion so weekly we would get together and talk about all the different aspects of the fashion industry. Coming from a smaller town, it sometimes felt more difficult to find people interested in that topic, but FIDM Fashion Club gave us a place to meet and be creative together. 

What do you enjoy most about living in Los Angeles? The opportunities that have presented themselves since being in Los Angeles are extraordinary. I’ve been able to attend Los Angeles Fashion Week, pre-Oscars events, and so much more. I have also found that it is easier to connect with people since living here whether in person or through social media. It’s been great to meet like-minded people, create content with them, and build friendships. 

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