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Former FC President is Now Interning at FIDM

East Coast native Mina Sanders is FIDM’s Social Media Intern

Mina Sanders on FIDM Campus

FIDM Business Management and Visual Communications student Mina Sanders blends her passion for business and visual storytelling in her current position as FIDM’s Social Media Intern. We chatted with the soon-to-be FIDM grad to find out more about her internship and her experience with FIDM Fashion Club. 

Tell us about yourself. I’m FIDM’s biggest cheerleader. Before I was the FIDM Fashion Club President at my high school, I was a member of the club for two years. I learned about FIDM through the club, and was able to visit the FIDM campus and attend 3 Days of Fashion. I applied early as a junior in high school and got where I am now; I am currently finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management here at FIDM, and I have my A.A. in Visual Communications. I am almost done and I am super excited!

What was it like being involved in your FIDM Fashion Club? The FIDM Fashion Club was amazing. It really helped me to get a good understanding of FIDM and the community. I was able to connect with a lot of people in my school that I am still connected with through social media today. It helped me to socialize, find my roots, and it helped educate me on different trends. It also helped me step into more of a leadership role once our FIDM Fashion Club president stepped down. 

What do your day-to-day responsibilities look like as FIDM’s Social Media Intern? Every day looks a little bit different. I collaborate on ideas for community engagement for all of FIDM’s social media platforms. One of my main responsibilities is overseeing our FIDM Social Media Ambassadors Program, which has turned into this amazing content creation platform. I coordinate with the ambassadors individually, come up with creative video ideas, and collaborate on different social media platforms. I really love working with them one-on-one. I am technically one myself, so I get an administrative and student perspective.

Why did you choose the Visual Communications and Business Management majors at FIDM? I chose those majors so that I could be more marketable in the industry and have a balance of the left and right brain. I was so thankful to have my advisor work with me to determine what major was best for me. 

For Visual Communications, I loved just how hands-on the program was. You get to wear different hats and tackle different projects and different areas of the industry. It also helped with branding. Business Management really helped me with financial understanding, like how a business runs, leadership, and all the important aspects of starting my own business. The programs do go hand in hand because I could definitely start my own business and have that creative understanding of branding and demographic awareness too. 

What’s next? I really feel that I’ve had some great experiences over the past few months to add to my resume. With my FIDM experience, connections, networking, and utilizing the FIDM Career Center, I am so confident I will get into the right place for me. 

Do you have any advice for someone considering a Visual Communications or Business Management major at FIDM? The Visual Communications program is amazing for anyone who likes to be hands-on and is more of a visual learner. You get to wear different hats and work on merchandising displays, designing them on the computer, creating layouts, styling, and being the creative director. It’s so well-rounded that you leave with the tools to go in any direction that you want. 

FIDM’s Business Management program is also amazing because you leave with a thorough understanding of how important budgeting and finances are. That is what sets FIDM apart from other Business Management programs. If you want to start your own business, it is an amazing program to look into. It helps to guide you in your future in business, but it also helps you to become a better leader as well. 

What do you enjoy most about living in Los Angeles? The location is just so awesome. I truly love the weather, the culture, and the individuality; the self-expression is just so amazing. I am someone who is really impacted by weather, so it’s just nice to have sunny days and be able to go to the beach and drive up to Big Bear.

Any advice for anyone considering FIDM? I would just encourage you to start a FIDM Fashion Club at your school. It is just so amazing to connect with people, step into a leadership role, and follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid to go for what you want, definitely just do it!

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