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Foxborough HS FIDM Fashion Club to Host Eco-Friendly Fashion Show

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We caught up with Foxborough High School FIDM Fashion Club President Grace Esposito to hear the latest.

How long have you been President of your FIDM Fashion Club?
After I toured FIDM in August of 2019, I decided FIDM Fashion Club was something that needed to be at Foxborough High School. I found an advisor and got it passed by the administration at my school and we had our first meeting on October 29, 2019!

How do you go about recruiting new members or retaining existing members?
When I first decided to start an official FIDM Fashion Club, I went on my Instagram and created a poll to see if anyone would be interested. Within minutes, I had 20 Direct Messages from so many different people. I began going around at lunch from table to table asking people if they would be interested. I created a list of names to bring to the administration. We now have 18 passionate members who are ready to create new things, but of course, we always welcome new members.

What are some fun activities you’ve done so far this school year?
So far this school year, we have had a total of five meetings. At three of these meetings, we talked about and planned fundraisers, our potential design ideas, and themes for our end-of-year fashion show. At one of the meetings, we made scrunchies, and at our last meeting, we went thrifting to try and find cool materials for our designs. We’re planning to do a few fundraisers collaborating with a local boutique and restaurant and we’d also like to do a bake sale.

foxboro fashion club members thrift shopping

Tell us more about the fashion show you’re planning.
Because this is our first year, we have very limited resources. So our fashion show will have a theme of “recycling.” Almost all of our decorations will be from recycled glass, cardboard, plastic, etc. So many of our member’s designs are going to be coming from recycled clothes. Recycling is not only amazing for the earth, but it also creates an opportunity for stunning clothes!

foxboro fashion club finds thrifted treasures

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