Fragrance Blending Workshop with Andre’ Barnwell

Learn how to make your own fragrance.

Learn how to make your own fragrance with Fragrance Designer and FIDM Instructor Andre’ Barnwell. In this video, Andre’ Barnwell hosts a fragrance blending workshop, answers questions, and shares industry advice.

Supplies needed to participate in the fragrance workshop:

  • paper towels (folded are best)
  • whole coffee beans
  • a piece of paper 
  • pencil or pen
  • fragrance oils* (at least 3)
  • eye dropper (if needed for your oils)

*Fragrance oils are preferred over essential oils, which are more expensive.

  • one (1) Top Note: any oil that is a fruit (i.e., apple, orange, peach, lemon) 
  • one (1) Middle Note: any flower (i.e., rose, carnation, jasmine, honeysuckle) 
  • one (1) Base Note (i.e., vanilla, cinnamon, musk, sandalwood) 

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