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GEMS Cambridge International School Co-President Has Fashion in Her DNA

Get inspired by this club’s creative activities.

Meera Alhosani is the Founder and Co-President of the new FIDM Fashion Club at GEMS Cambridge International School in Abu Dhabi. We caught up with Meera to talk about her fashion journey, how she signed up more than 20 members, and the fun activities they have planned this year.

How did your interest in fashion develop? All my life I have been surrounded by fashion, and my mother has consistently been my biggest inspiration. I grew up looking at runway and magazine pictures of her in a variety of extravagant outfits, hairstyles, and makeup looks of her while she was a model in her twenties. As a kid, I had red highlight extensions, wore fingerless gloves, and I always made my mom and other family members take pictures of me in outfits and costumes. These things have always been with me and evolved as I grew up.

Magazine clippings and photos of Meera’s mother from her modeling career.

How did you learn about FIDM Fashion Club? FIDM came into my knowledge through social media influencer, Vereena Sayed, who posted an Instagram story about being accepted into FIDM, and knowing I wanted to study fashion, I looked further into it. The website enabled me to subscribe to the mailing list after I took the Career Quiz. I received an email about starting the club and immediately asked my head of year, Mr. Harwood, if I could apply, and asked Miss Brecken, my art teacher, to be the clubs’ advisor. They both have been a great help with me running the club alongside Co-President Tayyaba.  

In a short time, you’ve signed up more than 20 Fashion Club members. How did you do this? Promoting the club was certainly what allowed me to reach and engage a large number of students. Creating an Instagram account for the club, I shared information about it, as well as what members could expect. After that, I shared the account on my personal Instagram account and asked my friends to do the same. The head of my year also informed students about the club.  

Tell us about your recent club activities: During the first meeting of the club, each member introduced themselves using icebreaker questions and by creating a mood board that shows their dream fashion wardrobe. A representative from FIDM joined our second meeting, sharing a great deal of information about FIDM and Fashion Club. Our members also took part in World Book Day by dressing up as book characters, as well as by upcycling or creating a DIY accessory for their costumes.

What other upcoming activities do you have planned? Our advisor has been in touch with a representative from FIDM, who will be hosting a sketching session with us. We are all excited about this and I can’t wait to see the results! Once approval is granted by the school, we plan to organize a fundraiser to benefit charities and raise funds for club resources. Furthermore, as a school, we will soon celebrate International Day, in which everyone will share knowledge and food from their country of origin, and dress in the traditional outfit of their country. Therefore, we will organize a fashion show that will showcase and celebrate the diverse nationalities represented at our school.

Invite a Representative from FIDM to visit your Fashion Club and schedule a free workshop. Keep up with GEMS Cambridge International School’s FIDM Fashion Club @fidmfashionclub_cia.

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