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How I’m Staying Inspired: Christian Duran

This Buckingham Charter Magnet School FIDM Fashion Club Co-President fills us in on the club’s fashion show and documentary.

FC President Christian Duran

How are you personally staying inspired right now? Over the course of the past year, I developed my own personal brand, Christian’s Corner. It’s a lifestyle boutique, and we have basically everything you can think of when you think of a lifestyle boutique –  fashion, jewelry, personal care items, and hats. It’s something that I love to share, and it’s something that I’m passionate about. I feel that if I bring my light to my community it will inspire other people. It’s all about finding your light and keeping yourself inspired. Look for the nearest thing that finds you joy and just hang onto that. 

What was the inspiration for your personal brand and company? Growing up, I struggled with severe dyslexia and a processing disorder. I had to find my light and inspiration, so I was always involved in musical theater and photography. That led me through to my high school years, where I found my passion for design, merchandising, creating looks, and styling. Everyday I’m finding things that I’m doing or have done in the past all kind of come together to create Christian’s Corner. This summer, we will be expanding into our own identity and opening our own brick and mortar store.

Photos from Christian's Corner
Photos from Christian’s Corner boutique. Christian’s FC Advisor models an ensemble styled by Christian.

How did your Fashion Club photoshoot with your Club Advisor come together? I was coming up with ideas to get the Fashion Club out into the community, so we filmed a documentary to see the creatives talk about what they produce and show it at the same time. What I had planned was that all the fashion designers and stylists would come up with their own looks, so I got in contact with all the creatives that I knew at Buckingham and asked them to share their stories. I thought that I could incorporate every single aspect of the creative community and showcase how amazing we are. 

Two or three days before I started filming, I was at school setting up [with my advisor] and I just looked at her and said, “Do you want to model for me?” She said yes, so I put together some looks and told her what to bring. In the documentary, I have an interview with her, so you’ll see what she finds inspiring and how she keeps her students inspired. 

Are there specific brands or personalities you admire who are showing leadership right now? I’ve always looked up to Lady Gaga. Ever since I was a child, she kind of paved the way for the pop culture we are in now. Every day she was coming out with a different look, spreading kindness and generosity, and showing kids that they can be different and that it’s okay. I’m so grateful that I grew with her as someone to look up to. She personally keeps me inspired to see how you can evolve as a brand and as a person. As I grow up, I want to share that it’s okay to be different. You can evolve and create something magical in the end. 

How is FIDM Fashion Club helping you to stay inspired and connected right now? When I joined the FIDM Fashion Club in November [2020], it sparked a little light in me. I was connecting with the creatives in my community, and bouncing ideas off of them and with them. Sometimes the creatives in our community don’t get  an outlet, so being the person to come in and kind of spark the initiative and create something has truly been amazing and I am so grateful. 

Why did you choose to study Merchandising & Marketing and Visual Communications at FIDM for Fall 2022? I’ve always been kind of a business-minded person, so marketing is something that I really like. When you have a business, that’s marketing, and then the merchandise is your creative. I love marketing and I love creating pieces of content to support one another. I also love creating that feeling when you walk into a boutique and it feels like home, using all of your senses from the lighting, the furniture, to the space you’re in, and incorporating it all.  

Do you have any advice for other FIDM Fashion Clubs to stay inspired? When you are a creative, the most essential part is having a community to be with. That is something that I personally strive for in the community here at Buckingham. It’s just finding your groove and your people. Although these are not normal times, you can always find some normalcy in it. Just keep striving and trying your hardest, because who knows what the future will hold. 

Check out Buckingham Charter Magnet School’s fashion documentary on their FIDM Fashion Club Instagram: @knights_fashionclub.

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