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How I’m Staying Inspired: Lexy Silverstein

This FC President is staying productive.

FIDM Fashion Club President and future FIDM Student Lexy Silverstein of Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, Maryland shares how she’s staying inspired during the coronavirus pandemic.

How are you personally staying inspired right now? To stay inspired, I tell myself a lot how rare something like this occurs and how I should take this time to be productive because I’m never going to have time like this again. I get ideas of things I want to try from social media platforms, and that motivates me to try new things. I’m also personally trying to make masks for people in my community.

Are there specific brands or personalities you admire who are showing leadership during this health crisis? I know lots of companies are making masks for people because there is a shortage. I also know that restaurants and apps like Uber Eats are allowing delivery to be free so that everybody can have access to food without extra charges. And some schools are releasing computers to people who don’t have access to them.

Do you have any tips for staying connected with fellow members during this challenging time? I think it’s so important to connect with people without actually coming in contact with them. The FIDM Facebook chat has allowed me to meet so many people. Zoom and FaceTime, along with any social media platform, is a great way to talk to people. We all have to be there for each other during this time.

Have you held any virtual FIDM Fashion Club meetings? Yes! I’ve had one meeting on Zoom. It was great to get to see everybody, but it isn’t quite the same as seeing everyone in person and being able to host activities. Other than that, it went pretty well.

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