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How I’m Staying Inspired: Olivia Bevacqua

See how this FC Pres is staying connected.

Olivia Bevacqua, FIDM Fashion Club President at Port Perry High School in Ontario, Canada, shares how she’s staying inspired during the coronavirus pandemic.

How are you personally staying inspired right now? Staying inspired design-wise isn’t too bad right now. I find sometimes that grades and extracurriculars come first and the “logical” mind kicks in and it makes it really hard to focus on being creative and find time to create, as well as get school work done. The free time along with all the big movements happening in the world right now help inspire me to create.

Are there specific brands or personalities you admire who are showing leadership during this health crisis? Michael Costello! He’s donated hundreds of masks to hospitals and other organizations and encourages other brands to do so.

Have you held any virtual FIDM Fashion Club meetings? My club and I have been using Zoom and DMing on Instagram pretty regularly. The conversations have been going well as we have extra time to do little side projects and get feedback from each other.

Do you have any tips for staying connected during this challenging time? Stay consistent with meeting days and plan the next meeting during the current one; it helps to create a routine that forces you to stay connected. It not only helps you be more creative, but also it helps to talk to people in general during this time.

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