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How I’m Staying Inspired: Paola Ochoa

Fashion Club President Paula Ochoa

High Tech High School FIDM Fashion Club President and future FIDM Student Paola Ochoa shares how she’s staying inspired during the coronavirus pandemic.

How are you personally staying inspired right now? I’ve been keeping up with my best friends and learning new skills as well. I’ve been able to work on my launch for my teen empowerment community, Teen Boss Babes, and have been able to connect with other teens who also are trying to stay inspired and motivated. I’m learning new skills in Adobe such as how to create digital art and creating GIFs. I know that if I am keeping myself busy being able to learn new things and work, my brain will continue to brainstorm and be motivated.

Are there specific brands or personalities you admire who are showing leadership during this health crisis? Currently, many Instagram content creators are sharing the message on being able to stay safe and creating fun and inspiring content. I’ve seen many young designers creating masks for hospitals and for their community. Creating masks, creating fun content, creating extra content, and much more is the way that I see such amazing leadership skills for what is going on currently.

Do you have any tips for staying connected with fellow members during this challenging time? I think the number one tip is to just stay connected and check-in to see if they are okay and what they are spending their time doing. You can also use social media to your full advantage by sharing what you are currently doing and some projects they can create, as well as having them take over the club Instagram and share their current projects and life.

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