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How I’m Staying Inspired: Serenity Saffold

This FC Pres finds inspo from her surroundings.

Serenity Saffold, FIDM Fashion Club President at Del Lago Academy in Escondido, California shares how she’s staying inspired during the coronavirus pandemic.

How are you personally staying inspired right now? I decided to rip out pages of fashion magazines and pin the pages that appealed to me or just made sense onto the wall. I tend to spend time staring at my wall and gaining inspiration that way. I also admire the food I eat more often now and ask myself: “What would this look like as a design? Or an outfit?”

Are there specific brands or personalities you admire who are showing leadership during this health crisis? I admire the community around me who are showing their respect for social distancing and trying to stay home as much as they can. I admire the companies like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc. who decided to mass produce tons of masks to be delivered to hospitals in order to fight the coronavirus as well as the millions of dollar donations to science to help figure out this coronavirus.

Do you have any tips for staying connected during this challenging time? Definitely make sure that you have contact with all of your fellow members by text, phone, email, or social media in case of any needed reason to contact them during this pandemic.

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