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How I’m Staying Inspired: Vivian López

This Schurr High School FIDM Fashion Club President fills us in on the club’s recent fashion show.

Schurr HS Fashion Club

How are you personally staying inspired right now? What inspires me is my culture; I’m hispanic. Growing up I never had a lot of resources, especially where I lived and went to school. What really inspires me is creating looks and fashion that are affordable for people like me and the communities I live in.  

Are there specific brands or personalities that you admire? I’m really into Y2K and love that kind of fashion, like Gwen Stefani and Dua Lipa. It’s very creative, but it’s also cute and simple. 

Do you think FIDM Fashion Club has helped you to stay connected and inspired? Definitely, especially this year. The club has really helped me stay connected with my peers at school and my friends, since a lot of my friends are in the club. It’s awesome having that Friday for us to talk and just be ourselves. 

Schurr HS Fashion Show

You recently had a fashion show. How did it come together? It happened really fast. Within our first week, we decided who the models were and how everything would work. We had connections at The Shops at Montebello and decided to do something with them this year. It was tricky because the dressing rooms weren’t open so we couldn’t try anything on. The mall helped us organize clothing sizes to see if everything fit okay. We couldn’t have done it without them. 

How did you and your club members style the outfits? Four girls in the club (including myself) each styled two models. We had one staple piece that was included in every outfit. When it came to putting the pieces together, I channeled each person’s style since I personally know them. It was awesome to tap into their fashion sense and bring them out of their comfort zone a bit. 

What was it like to organize the fashion show? We were in a vacant storefront in The Shops at Montebello. They set up runway lights, and there was also a DJ and a photographer. It was on Instagram Live, so right when the models were done they had to go back and change into their next outfit. It was a lot of work, but it was awesome to see the finished products. I loved seeing how happy everyone was to be together, show off their looks, and walk on the runway. 

Was your school involved? We had an art contest for the swag bags at the fashion show with the students at our school. I thought it would be something cool and creative since we’re a Fashion Club. They put different fabric, jewels, gems and flowers on them and we incorporated it into the show.

Do you have tips for other Fashion Clubs about how to stay connected? My advice is to stay connected and get to know the members in your club. Be very talkative and make jokes, they will get comfortable with you. Don’t feel that because of everything that is going on you can’t express yourself or do the things you love when it comes to fashion. Just be you and find ways to connect with others on the things you love.

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