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Monroe HS Makes DIY Keychains

Fashion Club members got creative during a recent meeting!

Monroe High School FIDM Fashion Club President Isabella Zweifel gave us the scoop on these cool keychains!

I was talking with our club’s vice-president, Cierra Larson, while we were promoting FIDM Fashion Club at our school’s course information night. We decided that we wanted to do another fun meeting with a DIY activity since we previously made lip scrubs together as a club.

We came up with the idea to do keychains made out of Shrinky Dinks, so that members could really get creative and customize them! The accessories, like the beads and the tassels, were ordered on Amazon and were really inexpensive, so it’s an easy activity for clubs to do!

This is the first year we’ve had FIDM Fashion Club at our high school, but we’ve done quite a lot! We really love expressing everyone’s individual style through mini photo shoots and we’ve also done some volunteer work, too.

We’re currently planning a club field trip to visit an art museum and a couple of unique thrift stores in the area. We want to preface the trip with a presentation on sustainability in fashion and how to be mindful of where you’re purchasing from!

My favorite thing about being president of our FIDM Fashion Club is sharing how much I love fashion and the art of fashion with others who have the same interests! Our high school and town is very small but there are a lot of really creative and fun people who I’ve gotten to connect with through FIDM Fashion Club.

When I started the club, I never thought that there would be as much interest as there has been! Overall, it’s been really eye opening and has taught me how to be a leader. I couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of our club officers though!

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