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Pioneer High School FC President is Passionate About Sustainability

See how this Fashion Club is fundraising in an eco-friendly way!

Francesca Rizzo of Pioneer HS

Francesca Rizo launched the FIDM Fashion Club at Pioneer High School in Whittier, California in December of 2021. We caught up with the FC President to learn about her vision for this year, the successful thrift store fundraiser they recently held on campus, and what advice she’d share with her fellow leaders.

What is your vision for your FIDM Fashion Club this year? My vision for Pioneer High School’s Fashion Club is to see it grow and inspire PHS students. Due to the fact that Pioneer does not have an abundant amount of clubs on campus, students do not have an outlet to share their interests. My hope is that the Fashion Club gives students the opportunity to be creative and share their stories and fascination about fashion and the industry.

Tell us about your recent thrift store fundraiser: I came up with the idea for a second-hand clothing fundraiser in hopes of attending the FIDM DEBUT Fashion Show. Fashion Club members planned and organized the event, from donating unwanted textiles and accessories to creating posters and videos to put in our school’s weekly news video to deciding how much to charge. The thrift shop supports the campus and community because it is a sustainable way of shopping for clothing; staff and students often are willing to donate unwanted garments, and the clothes the Fashion Club sells are cheap and affordable, so everyone has the opportunity to participate.

What other upcoming activities do you have planned? I have planned to have the thrift store fundraiser every month. Our club has also decided that we would like to have a movie fundraiser where we show a film about fashion and we will sell snacks for revenue. In addition, any members who are interested in creating a logo for the Fashion Club can submit their designs to me and as a club and we will vote on one logo to put on t-shirts.

What is currently inspiring you in the fashion world? I am currently inspired by sustainably in the fashion industry. I am most interested in learning about fashion that is both environmentally-friendly and satisfying to the consumer. 

What advice would you share with other Fashion Club Presidents? This club has taught me to be a leader and that communication is key. Presidents don’t need to carry all the weight. Being a good leader means taking responsibility but also allowing members to partake in important roles. Also, allowing for members to be involved and active makes for an engaging club. Most importantly, just have fun. 

Keep up with Pioneer High School’s FIDM Fashion Club on Instagram @pioneerfashionclub.

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