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Plan A Fashion Show

See Your Work on the Runway.

Before you start planning, make sure your school administration is on board with your fashion show. Make sure to follow any rules and guidelines your school may have about throwing an event.

Decide on a day and time for the show. You may want to ask the main office or Student Activities office at your school what other events are happening on campus to avoid competing school events. Once you pick a date, you will be able to start planning and set goals accordingly so that everything comes together on opening night.

Map out everything you need for a successful fashion show and create a schedule. By having a timeline, you will be able to stay on track without being overwhelmed by what needs to be accomplished.

Figuring out the expenses for the show will help the club stay on a particular budget in the planning process. Always shop around online or at local craft or fabric stores for the best deals. See our Raise Funds For Your Club section for tips. Find out what your club members and local businesses can donate. Remember, your show is a great way for local businesses to promote their products and services to the community.

Delegate tasks and responsibilities by creating a to-do list. Make sure everyone in the club has a task they are working on. By splitting up the jobs, people can focus on their specific duty without feeling overwhelmed.

Discuss potential themes. Fall fashion? Global inspiration? The options are endless. Choosing a theme will make the rest of the planning process easier. You could also have multiple segments, each with their own theme.

How will you pay for the decorations, the printing of flyers, etc? Check out our Raise Funds For Your Club section for ways to raise money throughout the school year. Make a list of everything that is needed and see what your club members can donate. Contact local businesses about donating goods for your show. Remember, your show is a great way for local businesses to promote their products and services to the community.

Where will you get the looks you plan to showcase on the runway? Making the clothes is a great way to showcase your talents. You can also contact local boutiques about borrowing clothes, re-style clothing from thrift stores, or have your club members bring in their favorite pieces from their closet.

Who will be wearing the styles? Ask your club members to be models. Another great idea is to have model tryouts. Spread the word around school that models are needed for the runway show. In the selection process, look for people who are having fun and can walk the runway with confidence.

Contact local hair salons about sponsoring your show and providing the hair/makeup. If you are doing the hair and makeup on your own, browse through magazines for funky hair styles and the hottest makeup trends and practice before show time.

The most popular venue choice for most of our clubs is their school campus. Make sure you have permission from your school and that you reserve the space for the date of your show. If you are using an outside venue, make sure to negotiate the price down as much as possible. Free is best.

Music is one of the most important elements to set the mood for your show. Decide on the songs that you want played. Team up with your school’s production department and have them help you with the timing of the music and lighting.

Do you plan to make a profit from your runway show or raise funds for charity or is the sole purpose to entertain? Will you charge for a ticket? If so, keep the ticket price reasonable so that more people can buy them and attend the event. Have your club members sell tickets before classes and during breaks. Make sure you know the capacity of your event space so you do not oversell tickets. Sell raffle tickets and auction prizes. Have a bake sale and sell goodies for people to enjoy during the show. Another great way to raise funds is to charge for photo opps in front of a backdrop your club creates. Fundraising for a cause is a great way to show how your club cares for their community and world.

Spread the word about your show by hanging up posters and handing out flyers at school. Place signs around town in the businesses that have helped sponsor your show. Promote your runway show on social media. Create a press release to send to local media. Make announcements during your school’s morning news. Creating a buzz will help fill seats!

Think of some fun ideas that will make your event even better. The extra little details will make your event really special and will bring people back next year.

Make sure you practice the show (with the music) a few times before opening night so that it runs smoothly.