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Social Media Helps Taylor Chapman Keep Inspired

See how she’s staying connected with her club.

Taylor Chapman, FIDM Fashion Club Co-President at Newport Harbor High School in Newport Beach, California shares how she’s staying inspired during the coronavirus pandemic.

How are you personally staying inspired right now? With all the changes occurring in our world today, I’ve been staying inspired in these tough times through social media. These platforms provide a variety of outlets for different people to collaborate with. I’ve also been exploring my fashion creativity and learning about the use of sustainable materials in the industry.

Are there specific brands or personalities you admire who are showing leadership during this health crisis? I’ve come to appreciate and adore the many people globally who are taking a positive role in helping people get through this pandemic. It inspires and amazes me to see the amount of individuals who have stepped up and assisted people in need. Even those who have little to spare are reaching into their own pockets to help others, showing society that this health crisis is no match for our active and strong generation. My neighbors are selling and even giving out free face masks and hand sanitizer that they made themselves. 

Have you held any virtual FIDM Fashion Club meetings? Yes! Alongside my Co-President, I hosted our final meeting for the 2019-2020 school year over Zoom. We were able to have lots of members join, as well as friends from other schools and family members who have always been eager to see what one of our meetings looks like. We went over how everyone was feeling and discussed ideas to keep ourselves busy, like painting and designing. It brought me so much joy seeing everyone’s faces and catching up with our members, and it felt like we could really engage with everybody. We reminded them to keep an eye out for our 2020-2021 FIDM Fashion Club!

Do you have any tips for staying connected during this challenging time? We often post content on our Instagram Stories to entertain and gather opinions from our followers. We’ve taken polls and done simple at home DIY stylings. As for tips, I’d say content, content, and more content! You do not ever want to leave your members in the dust. It is best to continue interacting with them, whether it is discussing different standpoints on controversial fashion topics or getting individual opinions on a fashion piece. Anything that gives the members an opportunity to respond is valuable to strengthening communication during this time. 

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