South HS Makes Hand-Embroidered Patches

Hear more about their super creative club activity!

South High School FIDM Fashion Club Co-presidents Hollie Vidrio and Gemyle Anne Estrella filled us in on the fun!

We had been trying to come up with an idea for a meeting that would be fun for the members and thought this would be a great way for them to show off their creativity. We wanted to be able to personalize our clothing make it more fashionable, trendy, and more us.

During the first meeting, most members looked up designs that they wanted to make. Others came up with something off the top of their head. Personally, I was inspired by a music group I like and their aesthetic for a comeback they had some time ago.

For upcoming meetings, we have a couple ideas in mind. One would be creating our own textiles using stamps we make with our own designs. The other would be an art night were we paint on canvases and have a chill hangout with the members. I know some of the new members are especially looking forward to this.

Being president of my school’s FIDM Fashion Club allows me to connect with a lot of different kids on campus. It enables me to help them explore their creativity through different mediums, as well as our own. It’s been a great opportunity to share this experience with new and old friends.

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