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Meet FIDM Student & FC Social Media Intern Denise Fleischer.

FIDM Student Denice Fleisher

When it comes to well-rounded FIDM students, Denise Fleischer leads the pack. This current Business Management major sets a wonderful example of creativity, discipline, and ‘big picture’ thinking. We’re so fortunate to catch up with this incredibly busy and talented student.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from and what led you to FIDM? I grew up in Panama City Beach, Florida, after I moved to the U.S. when I was five. My parents both grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I was born in Germany as my dad was working there at the time. I speak four languages: English, Spanish, German, and Italian. I graduated from Clear Falls High School in League City, Texas, after living in the Houston area for my last three years of high school, before I moved to Los Angeles.

How did you realize FIDM was the right fit for you? Tell us about your FIDM student experience. I graduated with my A.A. in Merchandising & Marketing in March 2021 and am currently completing my Bachelors in Business Management. I have always loved fashion and have had an obsession with LA since I was a little girl. Little did I know it would actually become my reality. FIDM immediately caught my eye. My admissions counselor was extremely supportive throughout my acceptance process and provided me with all the guidance I needed. I loved that I could truly express myself and my creativity through my entrance project. I flew out to Los Angeles with my dad, and as soon as I stepped foot on campus, I knew that this is where I belonged. The FIDM student experience has been absolutely wonderful. I have had so many fabulous instructors who challenge me to become a better version of myself everyday. I always feel that I am in a safe space at FIDM and have made amazing friends!

In addition to your studies at FIDM, you are also serving as the Fashion Club Social Media Intern. How did you come into the role? Tell us a bit about what you do in this position. Before I was a social media intern for FIDM Fashion Club, I worked as a stylist at Lululemon and the FIDM Scholarship Store (my very first job). I am extremely passionate about social media and wanted to gain experience of what it was like to create content for a brand rather than myself. As the Fashion Club Social Media Intern, I manage posts on social platforms, mainly Instagram. I create captions, find images, and work with spreadsheets for organization and scheduling for all our posts.

What advice would you give a student who is interested in pursuing his/her education at FIDM? My biggest piece of advice for future FIDM students would be to believe in yourself. Sometimes it can get very difficult and you may feel overwhelmed, but it is so important to stay motivated. Everything is hard work, but is extremely rewarding in the end. My little sister is actually attending FIDM right now, and I have told her all these things. Most importantly, though, is to believe that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

You’re obviously very busy. Are there any additional FIDM campus clubs or activities in which you participate? Yes! I am a Social Ambassador and a model for MODE (FIDM’s student magazine). I love finding the time to do additional things with FIDM that I am passionate about.

What are your ultimate career goals? My ultimate career goal is to have my own business. I would also love to have the experience to work on a marketing team for a fashion company, but I love the idea of being an entrepreneur in the long term.

Anything else you’d like to share with us? Hobbies, new obsessions, etc.? If I’m not studying or interning, you can find me on a fabulous rooftop facing the iconic LA skyline, shopping in Beverly Hills, or having coffee on Melrose Ave. I absolutely love the Y2K era, as Paris Hilton is one of my biggest fashion inspirations. I also do modeling and have so much fun working with cool brands, as well as creating content on fashion and lifestyle on Instagram and TikTok.

Follow Denise on Instagram @denise__eileen and check out FIDM’s Mode Magazine.

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