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York HS FIDM Fashion Club Hosts Homecoming Dress Drive

York HS Fashion Club holds a Homecoming Dress Drive

We recently caught up with York High School FIDM Fashion Club Co-Presidents Madison McGreal and Grace Moriarty to learn more about their dress drive and plans for the 2019-2020 school year!

When did you get involved with your school’s FIDM Fashion Club?
We first had the idea to start an official FIDM Fashion Club at our school when we were sophomores. After some research and finding out how to start a club at our school, we worked hard throughout the rest of the year to get everything set, and we had our first meeting in January of 2019 when we were juniors.

Tell us about your Homecoming Dress Drive.
We got the idea to host a Homecoming Dress Drive after seeing people post on their Instagram Stories trying to sell dresses they had worn in the past years. We thought it would be great if we could help by hosting a drive where these girls could bring in the dresses they were trying to sell or rent so other students could see them in person or try them on. It also provided students with the opportunity to rent a beautiful dress for $25 instead of having to buy an expensive dress they would only wear once.

What are your plans for other meetings and activities this school year?
We have a ton of fun activities planned for this school year ranging from guest speakers from local boutiques to starting a fashion blog, as well as a prom dress drive and learning simple sewing techniques.

How do you recruit members?
We recruit members through different social media platforms, but especially Instagram. We post all the time to engage our followers and notify them when there are upcoming events. We also hang flyers around our school about joining Fashion Club and we promote following us on Instagram so they can be in the loop with meetings.

What are your goals this year as Fashion Club Co-Presidents?
Our goals for this year include being consistent and engaging. This is our first full year of Fashion Club; last year it was sort of hard to get so many things done in just one semester. We are hoping to get more members and do fun things like field trips and activities.

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